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Youngjae (South Korea)

Young Jae is an artist who conveys the beauty of monochrome through the use of ink and charcoal. He seamlessly intertwines a fairy tale-like imagination with the theme of his relationship with his grandmother in his paintings. He creates serene artworks with muted colors that provide a soothing sense of comfort to the viewer.

Requesting Youngjae's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023. 8 "We Met Again Episode. 1" at Gallery Jajaknamu, Seoul

Major Group Exhibitions

2023 "Within Contemplation, There Exist Individual Voices" at A Lounge, Seoul 

           "Forest of Beginnings (2-Person Exhibition)" at UDA, Seogwipo

           "P-RE VIEW (Curated Exhibition)" at HeadB Gallery, Seongnam

2022 "Companionship (Curated Exhibition)" at KOTE Gallery, Seoul

2017  Jeonnam International Sumuk Pre-Biennale at Mokpo Cultural Arts Center, Mokpo

         "Nude and Lines" at Sketchbook Gallery, Seoul

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