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1. Moon jar I_Oil on canvas _100.0 x 91.0 cm(50)_2023_Kim Younghwan.jpg

Younghwan Kim (South Korea)

The artist Young-hwan Kim studied in Vienna, Austria, where he learned the techniques of the fantastic painting style. The fantastic painting, which can be described as a surreal form of realism, is characterized by meticulous detail, the pursuit of perfect natural and literary aesthetics, and introspection of the inner self.  Young-hwan Kim's paintings, influenced by this fantastic painting aesthetic, strive for precision, purity, and perfect formal beauty.

A series of surreal and hyper-realistic images depicting the Alps before the advent of Delftware pottery are all products of the framework of the fantastic painting aesthetic. Delftware pottery also pursues similar aesthetic goals. It does not adhere to the natural forms and colors of white porcelain, instead, it employs refined and purified formal beauty and color imagery. Delftware's perspective on its appearance can be described as not focusing on natural beauty but on smooth and sophisticated forms, resulting in flawless contours. This may be an expression of the artist's creative intention to shift from reproductive meaning to a painterly maze. Furthermore, by applying the fantastic painting's sculptural techniques that have been practiced for a long time, Delftware explores a different and flawless formal beauty compared to realistic painting. The images are so smooth and gentle that the brushwork is imperceptible, representing a challenge to achieve a flawless sculptural beauty with no visible imperfections or blemishes.

Awards and Art Collections

2012 NIAS Namseong International Art Show, Grand Prize, Seongnam Arts Center, Bundang

1999 National Competition for Figurative Art, Grand Prize, National Museum of Contemporary Art

Solo Exhibition

2023 Kim Young-hwan Exhibition, DELIEU Gallery, Seoul

2021 Kim Young-hwan's Fantastic Realism Exhibition, GALLERY美, Kimpo

2020 [HUMAN & NATURE Exhibition] Prohaus Contemporary Art Museum, Namyangju

2018 [Der Mond in den Alpen] Daebaek Gallery, Daegu

2013 SSAC SETEC Seoul Art Show, SETEC 1 Exhibition Hall (Booth No.A35), Seoul

2013 Art Gwangju 13 Gwangju International Art Fair (Booth No. C8), Kim Dae-jung Convention Center

2012 NIAS Namseong International Art Show, Seongnam Arts Center, Bundang

2012 Kim Young-hwan's Fantastic Realism Exhibition, Gallery Palaisde Seoul, Art Blue Planning

2011 NIAS Namseong International Art Show, Seongnam Arts Center, Bundang

2010 SIEAF (Suncheonman International Environmental Art Fair), Suncheon

2005 Art Center, Seoul

1991 Kim Young-hwan's Vienna Fantastic Realism Exhibition, Galerie Ami Art Gallery, Galerie Han River Invitational Exhibition

1990 Diplomausstellung, Vienne, National Angebanthe Art Museum

Group Exhibition

2021 The 3 Artists Invitational Exhibition at Insa Art Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Insa Art Plaza

2018 Seoul Art Show [Critics' Choice Exhibition], Seoul, COEX Convention Hall

2012 SCAF ART STAR FESTIVAL, Arts Center Hangaram Museum

2005 The 20th Seoul Art Exhibition, Invited Artists Exhibition, Seoul, Municipal Art Museum

2004 The 1st Environmental Art Expo, Invited Artists Exhibition, Seoul, COEX Convention Hall

2000 Figurative Art Association Members' Exhibition, Gwacheon, National Museum of Contemporary Art etc.

1. Moon jar I_Oil on canvas _100.0 x 91.0 cm(50)_2023_Kim Younghwan.jpg
3. Moon jar III_Oil on canvas _116.7cm x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Kim Younghwan.jpg
5. Moon of the Matterhorn I_ Oil on canvas_116.7 x 80.3 cm(50P)_2023_Kim Younghwan.jpg
2. Moon jar II_Oil on canvas _116.7cm x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Kim Younghwan.jpg
4. Moon jar III_ Oil on canvas_116.7cm x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Kim Younghwan.jpg
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