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Woojoo Kwak (South Korea)

Woojoo Kwak's artworks transport viewers into a fantastical realm where a visible horizon unfolds before their eyes. The presence of a small door within the landscape subtly prompts viewers to contemplate the transcendence of space and time facilitated by the artwork. These landscapes emanate a sense of brilliance, otherworldliness, and tranquility. Ultimately, the artwork invites the audience to reflect on the profound question of where their true place of solace resides.

Requesting Woojoo Kwak's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 "ART SPACE," Shinsegae Main Store x Kim Ria Gallery, Seoul

2021 "The Temperature of Objects," Centum City Shinsegae Department Store, Busan

2021 "Taegye," Gallery Hyu X Shinsegae Bunder Shop Cheongdam, Seoul

2021 "Colorful Mind," Hanok Cheong by Seoul City, Seoul

2021 "Early, Late Summer," Lantoma Porte, Seoul

2021 "Dreams of a Midsummer Night," Lee Soo Gallery, Seoul

2020 Special Exhibition by the Korea Arts Promotion Agency, Seoul

2020 "Oh Mu Ah Mu Ah," Artbeat Gallery, Seoul

2020 "Deep Down," Galerie Le Cerisier, Paris

2019 Galerie B&B, Paris

2019 KBS Main Building, Seoul

2019 "Pause and Stand Still," Artbeat Gallery, Seoul

2018 Kangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital, Seoul

2018 D'FINE Gallery, Seoul

2017 Cabin D'sh, Singapore

2014 Global Hope School Mural, Mongolia

Group Exhibition

2021 "Marjungmul Art Market Special Exhibition," Kim Ria Gallery, Seoul

2020 Seongbuk-gu 369 Village Art Center, Seoul

2019 Gallery Insa Art, Seoul

2014 Copyolani Community Center, Hawaii

and more

Art Fairs

2022 "LA Art Show," Los Angeles, US

2021 "Seoul Art Fair," Hwang Gallery, COEX, Seoul

2021 "Art Auction & Donation," Grand Intercontinental Parnas, Seoul

2021 "BANK ART FAIR," COEX Intercontinental, Seoul


Graduated from the Department of Western Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hannam University.

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