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A Man Reading a Book, 나무판넬에 아크릴과 콜라주, 116.8x72.7 cm, 2022.jpg

Sungcheol Jo (South Korea)

Artist Statements_

I represent my interactions with the world and the memories that are etched within me. There are no memories devoid of emotion. That's why I primarily delve into emotions as the subject of my art.

  My approach to expressing emotions focuses on the more fundamental aspect of "sensation" rather than just "emotions" themselves. Emotions stem from sensations. Sensations transform into emotions and are then retained as memories. Thus, I concentrate on visualizing sensations to represent emotions.

  Through this process, I believe I can go beyond the realm of expressionism. When I delve into the shapes within my memories, I may sometimes become melancholic as I dig deep and unearth them. However, this feeling is fleeting.

  During the conceptualization process, once the emotions and sensations from that time are vividly visualized, I then create with my heart. I meticulously refine and balance form and color. As the fragrance of completion permeates and inspiration gradually becomes clearer, I am moved beyond the pain, sadness, and regret, transcending into a profound sense of wonder.

Through the images I create, born from me and my pure essence, I hope to evoke empathy and communication about the sensations and emotions that people have felt while living in the same world. I also aspire that my art contributes, even if just a little, to awakeningsomeone's purity.


2022 Group Exhibition "Interaction," Parkview Gallery, Los Angeles

2022 10th Art Challenger Competition Exhibition, World Art Association, Seoul

2022 44th PCAF Competition Exhibition, Korean Traditional Painting Association, Seoul

2022 48th Busan Art Exhibition Competition Exhibition, Busan Art Association, Busan

2022 1st International Contemporary Art Young Artists Competition Exhibition, Art Jeju, Jeju

anxious, 박스종이에 아크릴, 46x55cm, 2021.jpg
A Man Reading a Book, 나무판넬에 아크릴과 콜라주, 116.8x72.7 cm, 2022.jpg
Panic, 나무판넬에 아크릴과 콜라주, 91x72.5, 2023.jpg
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