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Abandoned Castle.jpeg

Seonyoung Baek (South Korea)

Sunyoung Baek's(b. 1998) artworks resemble scenes from a fairy tale. Much like how fairy tales often impart lessons, the innocent child characters in her works serve as reflections of the confusion and anxiety about the world. Furthermore, viewers find themselves amused by the whimsical narratives the artworks conjure.

Requesting Seonyoung Baek's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 Are You Crazy? Human, Chung M, Seoul

2020 PARAKID RISE, Theo Art, Seoul


2015 Yoon Jong Shin Monthly, October 2015, LOB, Seoul

2013 Indie+Visual, The Page Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2023 The Oulim in London, SAATCHI Gallery, London

2023 BRIGHTSIDE, Sun City Gallery, Queensland

2023 The Great Together, Streams Gallery, Beijing

2023 COAST, MINT ART HOUSE, Queensland

2022 DINNER, Trendy Art Gallery, Bangkok

2022 Art Basel Hong Kong, TEZOS, Hong Kong

2022 Small, Sun City Gallery, Queensland

2022 KOREAN GROUP SHOW, Gallery Joyana, Exence Provence

2021 Maison de Noel, IHAM Gallery, Paris

2020 HOMMAGE, L Gallery, Seoul

2019 LoL Invade Art, League of Legends 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition, LoL Park, Seoul

2018 My Own Hero, FIFTY FIFTY, Seoul

2017 COSMIC, MODIUM, Seoul

2015 Once Our Land, Untitled Gallery, Vancouver


2013 ICHABOD, the DAVID Creative, Chicago

2012 According to Them, SPACES Gallery, Miami



2016 Part-time Instructor in Media Content Design at Catholic University

2015 Creative Talent at Art Center Nabi Art Museum

2014 Creative Artist at Samsung Electronics C-lab

Carol in the Forest.jpg
Abandoned Castle.jpeg
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