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9. Redflowers 4_Oil on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Rhyjung.jpg

Rhyjung (South Korea)

The "Paradise Icon," an artwork by the artist RhyJung, represents one of the iconic works of naturalism, critically addressing the sacrifice of the natural ecosystem in the face of environmental destruction and the advancement of human civilization. It encapsulates an enlightening message calling for the preservation and return to the primal ecological system that circulates independently, with the exclusion of the products of civilization development symbolizing humanity. Seven disciplines, including the natural world, art and civilization, ancient scripts, trade and excavation, the birth of archaeology, the classification of the world, consciousness, and religion, serve as the backbone of this enlightenment movement.

Through the series of works in "Paradise" based on naturalism, the artist communicates a visual language that calls for active responses society should pursue and underscores that the preservation of a more robust environmental ethics is the only way forward. Naturalism represents one of the first movements in contemporary art that expresses national and regional emotions, and in the artist RhyJung's work, which blends the techniques and effects of realistic ideology and romantic landscape painting, you can see a skillful development of this representation.

The ethical reflection on environmental destruction caused by unscrupulous actions in the pursuit of a more ideal progress for one's own interests is, in fact, an awakening message to humanity about tolerating each other's ecological aggression and destruction. RhyJung's work captures the extraordinary ecological environment, the absolute order of the natural system that embodies absolute vitality, tension, continuity, and the power of heaven and earth's creation, by choosing the vertical frame landscape painting.

Awards and Collections

Chungcheongnam-do Art Exhibition Grand Prize

Na Hye-seok Art Exhibition Excellence Award

Grand Prize in the Republic of Korea Art Exhibition

Danwon Art Exhibition Special Prize

Gyeonggi Art Exhibition Excellence Award

Gyeonggi Art Exhibition Special Prize

Republic of Korea Peace Art Exhibition Excellence Award

Gyeonggi Peace Unification Art Exhibition Encouragement Award

Chungcheongnam-do Art Exhibition Special Prize

Sosabeol Art Exhibition Special Prize, among others.

Solo Exhibition

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Government

Art Forest Space

Art & Life, Publishing and Culture

International Cultural Exchange Association

Solo Exhibitions:

Gallery Insa Art Plaza, Seoul, Korea

Hyehwa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Gallery Is, Seoul, Korea

Big Tree Gallery, Hanam, Korea

The Stay Healing Park, Gapyeong, Korea

Gallery MZ, Seoul, Korea

Gallery Cafe Geisha, Seoul, Korea (2021 and 2020)

Gallery White Box, California, U.S.A

Yokohama City Art Gallery, Yokohama, Japan

Art Center Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

Seoul SeJong Cultural Center Main Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

Seoul Asan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

INSA JH Gallery, Seoul, Korea

INSA Gallery, Seoul, Korea

EZ Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Gallery Art, Seoul, Korea

2019 Seoul International Art Expo Solo Exhibition, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2018 Seoul International Art Expo Solo Exhibition, COEX, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition

Gwangju International Art Fair

ACC Design Hotel Exhibition

National Assembly Main Building, Seoul, Korea (2022)

Gallery K, Seoul, Korea (2022-2023)

Seoul Grand Park Zoo Art Museum Artist Selection Exhibition (2022)

Hyehwa Art Center Gift Exhibition (2021-2022)

Maru Art Center 5-Person Exhibition (2020)

Art Busan, BEXCO, Busan, Korea (2019)

Pink Art Fair, Grand Intercontinental, Seoul (2019)

Kiaf Art Seoul, COEX, Seoul, Korea (2018)

Heyground Seoul, Seoul, Korea

Gallery MZ, Seoul, Korea (2017)

The Design Festa, COEX, Seoul, Korea (2016)


"<Painter Lee Jung's Paradise>"

"<100 Successful Artists' Secrets> Volume 1 and 2"

"<Naturalist Artist Lee Jung's Illustrated Book>"

Illustrated book and essay "<Drawing Paradise>"

9. Redflowers 4_Oil on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Rhyjung.jpg
10. Paradise C-3_Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Rhyjung.jpg
11. Paradise B-1_Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Rhyjung.jpg
12. Paradise C-10_Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Rhyjung.jpg
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