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Nathan Paddison (Australia, 1983)

Muse artist

With his experimental approach and signature use of strong lines and pure colors, Nathan's art is a true testament to the emotive power of creativity.

Through his work, Nathan expresses his personal story and passion for the arts, and encourages us all to embrace our own unique paths. As he says in his artist statement, "Art and creativity are at the core of my newfound self, to find this passion in a field of endless possibilities is like winning the lotto over and over again."

Don't miss the chance to experience the captivating art of Nathan Paddison at Artground London 2023. Follow us for updates and join us in celebrating the ever-growing snowball of artistic expression! 

Exhibitions (Selected)


‘X Paddison’, Atelier Aki, Seoul, South Korea, March 2023

REEL Fakes End Fashion, Solo WWY Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon, January 2023


‘Less dew watt eye wand’, Solo Granada Galerie, Spain, August

‘Ken we torque’, 333 Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, July 2022

FNG Korea, Save the children, 2022

‘Soul oh’, Morton Contemporary, Philadelphia USA, Solo, May 2022

‘Stray Ya’, Gloucester Regional Gallery, Solo, January, 2022

Studio Gallery Group (Group Show), January, 2022

Save the animals, National Museum Taiwan, October 25th - Nov 1st 2021,

One Art Taipei, January 2022


The Lester Prize Art Gallery of Western, Australia, 2021

The Kilgour Prize, Art Gallery of Newcastle, Australia, 2021

Naked & Nude, Manning Regional Gallery, Australia, 2021

‘Solo Exhibition’, 2021 Space Cowboy Gallery, Australia, 2021

Studio Gallery Group Exhibition, Cheltenham, Australia, 2021


Kangaroo Valley Exhibition, 2020, Finalists Exhibition, 2020

‘Aussie as’, Humble House Gallery Canberra, Solo Exhibition, November/December, 2020


‘Nathan Paddison’, Sunset Gallery Solo Exhibition, August 2019

Naked & Nude, Manning Valley Regional Gallery, Finalists Exhibition, 2019

Flourish, Manning Regional Gallery, 2019, Group Exhibition

Art from the inside, 2019, Group Show, Central Gallery, Sydney


Art Fair

Art Miami 2022 (Corridor Contemporary)

KIAF / Art Basel Korea 2022 (Atelier Aki)

Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tell Aviv, 2021

Incognito Art Show, 2021



Upcoming Exhibitions

2023 ‘Transitions’, Solo Show, Manning Regional Art Gallery, New South Wales, Australia, May 2023

2023 ‘Bee Cause Ike Anne’ Guy Hepner, New York, USA, June 2023


Naked & Nude, Manning Regional art gallery - 2019, Finalist

Gosford Art Prize, Gosford Regional Gallery, Gosford, Australia - 2020

Kangaroo Valley Art Prize , Goilburn Regional Gallery, Goulburn, Australia - 2020

Naked & Nude, Manning Regional Gallery, Taree, Australia – 2021, Finalist

The Kilgour Prize, Art Gallery of Newcastle – 2021, Finalist & Peoples Choice Winner

The Lester Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia – 2021, Finalist

Luxembourg Art Prize, Pinacotheque Museum, Luxembourg – 2021, Commended

Gosford Regional Gallery, Gosford, Australia - 2022

Art gallery of Western Australia, Perth Australia – 2022, The Lester Prize

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