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Molly Kim (South Korea)

Molly Kim's artworks are rooted in a philosophical interpretation of time. For beings like humans who live in the moment, eternity becomes a contradiction, something that cannot be a goal or even a part of it. The fragmented narrative in her paintings alludes to the existential limitations of human existence.

Requesting Molly Kim's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023 The Forest of Allegories: Rosy Tempus, gallery Colorbeat

2022 The Forest of Allegories: Querencia, Project Space Gaze

2022 Time standing still in the Forest, Tomscovery Gondae

2022 The Forest of Allegories, Space Um

2022 Chronicles of the Forest and Playground, CICA museum

2021 Esoteric and Irrelevant Landscape, gallery the Flux

2021 Child of the Wilderness, H-contemporary gallery

2021 The Songs for the Vulnerable and the Innocent, Bincan Hapjeong

2020 Gaze in Sunshine, The Wall Gallery

2018 Adolescence: Playground and Island, Insa Art center

Group Exhibition

2023 We Could & I Should, Duo Show, Polestarart Gallery

2023, The Divine Gift, Space Um

2023, being Attitude, Trio show, Ecorock Gallery

2023, Medium is Massage, Collabohaus Mullae

2023, Friend of Moon: Rabbit II, Gallery Sein

2022, Masterpiece, Collast

2022, Skin, Trio Show, Collast

2022, Unusual Moments, Trio show, Ecorock Gallery

2022, Behind Beautiful Art + Critic, Trio show with Critic, Gallery Sein

2021, SEEA 2021, Art Fair, Seoul Art Center 2F

2021, Nostalgia, Group show, Daerimchanggo Gallery

2021, Union Artfair X Viv studios ONAIR, On-line VR show

2020, 3 Rooms, Trio show, Polestarart Gallery

2020, Morakmorak, Group show, Gallery Ilho

2019, Lies and Paradise, NDAF Booth Show, Seoul Art Center 2F

2019, ASYAAF Hidden Artist Show, DDP

2019, MCM [X] Plus Pop-up show, Swiss Basel Global Summit of Women

2017, The Storybox, New York K&P Gallery, USA



Majored in Clothing & Textiles, Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, Korea

Wandering Child in the Forest.10, Oil and acrylic on canvas,33.5x23cm, 2023.jpg
사춘기, 소녀,116X90.5cm,oil on canvas, 2019,500만.jpg
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