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Fool-moon, oil on canvas, 53x45.5cm 2020.JPG

Lilith Limm (South Korea)

People constantly move in and out of countless doors in the reality, endlessly repeating the present. The human mind is like a room, where some open the door to show others what's inside, some only glance outside through the cracks, and yet others keep the door closed, not wanting to reveal their vulnerability to anyone.

  We have been creating such rooms since we started dreaming and imagining, and we arrange or hide many things in that space based on memories and experiences. It could be a sudden rush of dreams or fragments of memories, or cherished recollections carefully folded away, or raw, disorganized emotions we want to keep hidden.

  The space where emotions and memories are concretized exists at the border between reality and imagination. There, numerous memories overlap, separate, and appear and disappear like dreams. Each room can be relatively vast or cramped, sometimes transforming into passageways, rising or falling, and proliferating like a maze beyond the boundaries of distorted dimensions.

  A maze is a place to lose one's way and search for answers after wandering endlessly. There is only one clearly defined entrance and exit, and even the same space can sometimes be open and sometimes closed.

  The creation of such impossible spaces is a process of internal questioning and concretizing the inner self, a process of repetition and proliferation. It is a journey that willingly embraces the chaos within and navigates through reality and uncertainty.


2023 Group Exhibition "Color 2023," International Exhibition, CICA Museum, Gimpo
2023 Solo Exhibition "Inner Rooms," Siah Artspace, Seoul
2016 Group Exhibition "Panic Attack," Organized by Don't Panic Seoul, Wayofseeing, Seoul
2015 Solo Exhibition "Méduse," Seum Art Gallery, Seoul
2014 Group Exhibition "The Underwater Wanderlust," Organized by Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia
2014 Group Exhibition "Art Island," Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul
2012 Alumni Exhibition "Riposte," Orléans, France
2012 Group Exhibition "L’inquétante etrangeté," Organized by Galerie Richard Danto, Paris, France
2012 Alumni Exhibition "Riposte," Orléans, France

Collaboration & Commission

2017 "4th Eagles Choir" Concert Poster, Yonsei University Alumni Choir
2015 "Go Wild" Single Cover Artworks, Mimyo: Electronic Musician

2015 Don't Panic Seoul Magazine Cover Artwork
2015 Concert Poster for December 1, 2015, Julia Holter: American Singer-Songwriter
2014 "HAWAII" Single Cover Artworks, Supremeboi: Hip-Hop Producer, Composer, and Rapper
2014 Don't Panic Seoul Magazine Internal Artwork
"FORTE EP" Cover Artwork, Haiiro De Rossi: Japanese Hip-Hop Musician


2011 Ecole Superieure d’Art et de Design d’Orleans, Diplome national supérieur d’expression plastique (D.N.S.E.P), Communication visuelle
2009 Ecole Superieure d’Art et de Design d’Orleans, Diplôme national d’arts plastiques (D.N.A.P), Communication visuelle

寂しい緑の部屋に染み込む日差し Chambre solitaire verte ensoleillée acrylic on canvas 97x145.5cm 2023_ (1)
Espace intime série no.4 _ un petit espace ou l'espace entier, acrylic on canvas 91x116.8c
Fool-moon, oil on canvas, 53x45.5cm 2020 (1).JPG
Espace intime série no.1 _ un petit espace ou l'espace entier, acrylic on canvas 91x116.8c
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