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life is a circus _부제 내가 가진 단하나의 줄.jpg

Kimi Jaak (South Korea)

Kimi Jaak(b. 1976) is a versatile artist known for his works across various genres such as painting, illustration, and applied arts. Recently, she has been using an enigmatic character called 'John Doe' to portray anonymity and the modern individual's tendency to forget their essence within contemporary society.

Requesting Kimi Jaak's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023 <SCENE #17> MGFS100 Gallery, Seoul

2023 <NEXT EPISODE> Hidden Space gallery, Daegu

2023 <ARE YOU READY > Art Space W, Seoul

2022 <Over There> MGFS100, Seoul

2022 <Summer Melody> Hyundai Department Store H gallery

2022 <My Friends> MGFS100 gallery, Seoul
2022 <Summer BlaBla Public gallery, Seoul
2021 <색심연> Seoul Hanokchoeng, Seoul
2020 <Omuamua> Artbit gallery, Seoul
2020 <Deep Down>, Galerie Le Cerisier, Paris
2019 <Stood in the midst of strangeness> Galerie B&B, Paris
2019 <stranger> KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)gallery, Seoul
2019 <Stand Still> Artbit gallery, Seoul 2019

Group Exhibition

2023 < Summer Pop> Shinsegae Department Store, Daegu
2023 <BIG WAVE> Seoul auction, Seoul
2023 <URBAN BREAK> ART FAIR Coex, Seoul
2023 <ART-IST> Hyundai Department Store, Seoul
2023 <Atmosphere> Kimreeaa Gallery, Seoul
2023 <Busan Annual Market of Art>, Busan
2023 <The Great Outdoors>otte Department Store, Seoul
2022 <10-200 a Happy Picture > Mac Gallery, Busan
2022 <ART SHOW> Seoul auction, Daegu
2022 <ART SPACE> Kimreeaa Gallery, Seoul
2022 <LA Art Show> Los Angeles, US
2021 <Art Auction & Donation> intercontinental Hotel, Seoul
2021 <The Temperature Of Thing> Centum City Shinsegae Department Store, Busan
2021 <BANK ART FAIR> intercontinental Hotel, Seoul
2021 <These> huue contemporary x Boontheshop
2021 <Ma Jungmul> Kimreeaa Gallery, Seoul
2020 Korea Arts Assoc. special exhibition, Seoul
2019 <Nice to meet> Gallery insart, Seoul

life is a circus _부제 팀플레이.jpg
life is a circus _부제 동행.jpg
oldboy_부제 누구냐 넌.jpg
life is a circus _부제 내가 가진 단하나의 줄.jpg
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