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park's land25, 116.8x91cm, 캔버스위에 유화, 2023,1000만원.jpg

Junghyuk Park (South Korea)

Park Jung Hyuk(b.1974) visualizes the primal desires and instincts of human beings through the theme of "metamorphosis." In his works, this process is depicted as mythic figures disassembling or merging into structural or painterly images.

Requesting Junghyuk Park's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023 Ero.Gro.Nonsense Combining Nonlinearly, Artang, Seoul 2022 Reenactment of the Mythical Era, Atertain, Seoul

2019 Languid Abundance, Atertain, Seoul

2019 Flowing Memories, Alternative Space Epo, Seoul

2018 The Temperature of Sensation - Park's Memory, Dorothy Salon, Seoul

2012 Park Jung Hyuk, Joint Exhibition with Che-Kang Jeon - Zeitgeist, Salon de H, Seoul

2011 Ordinary People, Gallery Absent, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2022 - 3 Years, Artang Gallery, Seoul

2022 - 45th Anniversary Exhibition of Sun Gallery, Sun Gallery, Seoul

2022 - 10 to the Power of N Season 3, Ten to the N, Seoul

2021 - 10 to the Power of N Season 2, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul

2021 - Labyrinth: Aesthetics of Painting, Won Edition Art Space, Seoul

2021 - On & Off, Lotte Avenue L Gallery, Seoul, Busan

2020 - The Moment of 'Ga,' Chosun Ilbo Centennial Special Exhibition, The Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

2020 - Everyone's Collection, Seoul Museum of Art Seosomun Branch, Seoul

2016 - Playart: Reading Art through Games, Suwon City I-Park Art Museum, Suwon

2015 - Faces I Want to See, Lee Han-Yeol Memorial Museum, Seoul

2013 - No Comment, Seoul National University Museum, Seoul

2012 - Root of Imagination, Gallery Absent, Seoul

2010 - Collage of Memories, Soka Gallery, Beijing

2010 - BainNumérique-Printemps Parfum, Enghien-les-Bains Art Center, Paris

2009 - Media-Archive Project, ARKO Art Center, Seoul



2012 MMCA Art Bank

2014 Seoul Museum of Art


2014 Master's degree in Fine Arts, Hongik University Graduate School, Major in Painting

2000 Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Hongik University, Major in Painting

park's land25, 116.8x91cm, 캔버스위에 유화, 2023,1000만원.jpg
park's land26, 116.8x91cm, 캔버스위에 유화, 2023,1000만원.jpg
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