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여유로운 시작 90.0x90.0cm 장지위에 채색 2021.jpg

Jihyeon Choi (South Korea)

Jihyun Choi(b.1984) skillfully utilizes vibrant colors to craft serene landscapes, seamlessly intertwining flowers, nature, and animals with exquisite finesse. Her artwork, handpicked for inclusion in the Saatchi Art 23 Artists to Collect Campaign, enthralls spectators through its intricately woven designs that almost breathe with vitality. The adept application of vivid hues and meticulous attention to detail beckons the audience into her artistic world.

Requesting Jihyeon Choi's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022  The forest I know (Hoard gallery, seoul)

2022 A continuing heart (Soohoh gallery, Seong-Nam)

2021  A hidden mind (Fiarts, Seoul)

2020  Belief in your exceptionality, (Research & Art gallery, Seoul)

2019  Where are you? (Minari-House, Seoul)

2019 Choi, Ji-Hyeon Exhibition (Gallery Daham, Ansan)

2016  present of daily life (Humax art-room, Seong-Nam)

2015  Anonymous (In-Sa Art Center, Seoul)

2013  No. 102 (In-Sa Art Center, Seoul)

2012  Find hidden memory (Soomdo, Seoul)

Group Exhibition

2023  Breeze Insight (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2023 Jangji, Painting (Galleryeden, Seoul)

2023 Close or Together (Gallery hom, Seoul)

2022  Art Fair Ulsan (UECO, Ulsan)

2022 Upclose04 (H.art1, Seoul)

2022 Breeze Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2022 Start Art Fair Seoul (The seoul liteum, Seoul)

2022 The memory of nature and man (Dohwa art, Seoul)

2022 An Unexpected Gift (Choijunga gallery, Seoul)

2022 Group by <3> (Public gallery, Seoul)

2021  Daegu Art Fair (EXCO, Deagu)

2021 Soohoh Art Consert (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)

2021 Upclose03 (Platform L, Seoul)

2021 New wave (Maru art center, Seoul)

2021 Breeze Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2021 Galleries Art Fair (Coex, Seoul)

2021 Ttavel feat, Mind (Hyundai Department store, Seoul)

2020 Gapyeong Artfair (The stay healing park, Gapyeong)

2020 Breeze Art Fair (Ando, Seoul)

2020 <INNERMOST>  (Gallery Gabi, Seoul)

2020 FIND ART, FIND ME. (Gallery Suppoment, Seoul)

2019 Canival (aHsh Lap, Seoul)

2019 Breeze Art Fair (Nodeul Island, Seoul)

2019 Refresh Angel (Gallery Alle, Seoul)

2019 Choon-Choo (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)

2019 Harbour Art Fair (Marco Polo HongKong Hotel, HongKong)

2018 Breeze Art Fair (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)

2018 Choon-Choo (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)

2017  Stay by memory (Gallery-aHsh, Paju)

2017 Greenery (Minari House, Seoul)

and more


2018 Breeze Prize (A company, Seoul)


- National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Art-bank, Gangmyeong, Korea

- Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Ansan , Korea

- Seoul Metropolitan Government Museum Division, Korea

- Chuncheon District Court Sokcho Branch, Korea

- Acompany, Seoul, Korea

- Soohoh Gallery, Seong-Nam, Korea


2023 23Artist to collect in 2023_Saatch art

2021 Big issue Korea 263/ Drawing for Green Future SK Hynix X Artist (2021. 11. 15)

2021 Art Gyeonggi _Gyeonggi Art Revitaliation Project_Gyeonggi-do

2021 Seoul Public Art Project <Do-rim-jeon-sim>_Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, Seoul


MFA in Oriental Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

BFA in Korean Painting, Gangueung National University, GangNeung. Korea

여유로운 시작 90.0x90.0cm 장지위에 채색 2021.jpg
빛이 나는 시간 60.6x60.6cm 장지위에 채색2022.jpg
꿈을 찾는 시간 60.6x60.6cm 장지위에 채색 2022.jpg
기념일 60.6x60.6cm 장지위에 채색 2022.jpg
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