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Jeongeun Lee (South Korea)

Jeongeun Lee(b. 1990) identifies herself as both a wanderer and a collector. Her creative muse is drawn from the ordinary landscapes and objects that surround her daily life, such as the journey to her studio or the objects resting upon her table. She skillfully combines images from different temporal and spatial dimensions onto the canvas, weaving them into a singular and harmonious composition.

Requesting Jeongeun Lee's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023 Sustaining Line, Heavy Lump, Space Uoo-young, Seoul (upcoming)

2023 Floating Image, Gail Bookself, Andong

2023 Encountered or encounted, Wumin Art Center, Cheongju

2017 A fragmentary thought about flexible space, Gallery MEME, Seoul

2016 Record about the Visible and the Invisible, Moha Art Studio, Ulsan

Group Exhibition

2023 Flat, Geueotteon, Cheong-ju (upcoming)

2023 Artground London, Saatchi Gallery, UK (upcoming)

2022 Union Art Fair, Seoul Auction, Seoul

2022 Geueotteon Sight, Geueotteon, Cheongju

2021 Pace Time, Seongbuk Young Art Space Windowgallery, Seoul

2021 Romantic Punch 2.0, Andong Culture Art Center, Andong

2021 #social2021, CICA Museum, Gimpo

2021 Constellation, Starry Space, Old Constellation Church, Andong

2020 Union Art Fair, Alternative Artspace IPO, Seoul

2020 Unexpected Visitor, Cheongju Daecheongho Art Museum, Cheong-ju

2019 148 Art Square Residency Artist Exhibition, 148 Art Square, Yeong-ju

and more


Yangju City Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, 2017




2023 Artist Award, Space Uooyong, Seoul

2023 Artist Award, Project Space Wumin, Cheong-ju

2020 New Artist Award, Cheongju Deacheongho Art Museum, Cheong-ju




2021 Art of Changing Lives, Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul

2020 AMGO Online Contents Funding, Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul

2019 Maeul-misul Art Project, Uiseong

2019 A2A Artist Networking & Lecture Workshop, Can Foundation, Seoul



2019 Andong National University, College of Fine Art, MFA in Painting

2013 Andong National University, College of Fine Art, BFA in Painting

각기 다른 방향에서 사람들이 등장한다.jpg
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