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Jean Junng (South Korea)

I believe the most fundamental order of the world is Height, Depth, and Flow.

It includes physical properties of objects and emotional characteristics of humans. The essence of the research is about the promise, which is an interaction between all living things(including humans) and inorganic substances. The promise means order. The order moves material and emotion. The world’s order makes the process visible. There is no result. The process of creating harmony is what we call the world. Orders create Gap. Gap can mean a relationship with each other; it also can represent space or time from one place to another. Gap implies distance, which means the balance between pulling and pushing energy.

-Material's Gap: A distance that is constantly moving and maintained, such as the planets in the universe, and the atoms in material.

-Human's Gap: Human beings even keep a distance from themselves. That distance causes a gap, and it becomes anxiety. A gap between people causes conflict.

Distance includes height. ‘Being high’ only can exist with ‘being low’. It does not just imply ‘the status of high or low’, or ‘a relationship between power and no power’. It signifies a bit more primitive thing: a basic instinct, or thing before that.


(Excerpted from the artist's statements)

Solo Exhibition

2023   Gallery Tom : Seoul, 3.Jul.-4.Oct. | Juried
2023   Gallery in Government Complex-Seoul, Seoul | Juried
2022   Trigger : SeolMiJae Art Museum, GaPyeong | Juried
​2021   The Study of Height, Depth, and Flow : Gallery Minjung, Seoul | Juried
2020   View of Values : MythTake Museum, GaPyong | Juried
2019   The Story of Losing Them : SeMA Bunker, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul | Juried
2018   The Snailman : Art Space IAA, Gallery 1, Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture, Jeju | Juried+Scholarship
2017   The Meaning of Meaningless : PalBok Art Factory, JeonJu Cultural Foundation, JeonJu | Juried
2017   Remained Emotions 意味附與 : YeomPo Art Residency, Ulsan | Juried+Scholarship
2016   In the Pink : SooHoh Gallery, SeongNam
2015   Between Islands : Gallery Puesto, Seoul | Juried
2014 - 2013   Young Chung : Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
2013   Passerby 3# : Duderstadt Center Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI, US

Group Exhibition

​2023  Gallery Choi, Seoul, 30 Aug - 15 Sep., 2023
2022   Multiverse : The SHIFT 7, Gallery PakYoung, Paju | Juried
2022   Art for Green, KEPCO Art Center Gallery, Seoul | Juried
2021   Heal the World : OCI museum, Seoul, with Common Auction
2020 : On-line exhibition, Seoul Art Foundation/PYO gallery | Juried
2018   New Wave Code 10 : Cheonan Arts Center Museum of Art, CheonAn | Juried
2017   SoPoong 小風 : Bucheon Cultural Foundation, Bucheon | Juried+Scholarship
2016   Korea Young Artists : National Assembly Member's Office Bldg., Seoul, with SooHoh Gallery
2015   SooHoh Art Concert : Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
2014   Young Artists : United Gallery, Seoul | Juried

2013   Nostalgia : StartGallery, Detroit, MI, US | Juried
2012   EV Project part IV : EMOA SPACE Gallery in Chelsea, New York, NY, US | Juried

Awards & Residency

2023   Gallery in Government Complex-Seoul
​2022   KEPCO Art Center Gallery
2022  The SHIFT 7, Gallery PakYoung
2021   Heal the World : OCI museum with Common Auction
​2020   Young Artist : Seoul Art Foundation/PYO gallery

2019   SeMA Bunker, Seoul Museum of Art
2018   Jeju Foundation for Arts and Culture
2018   Cheonan Arts Center Museum of Art
2017   PalBok Art Factory, JeonJu Cultural Foundation
​2017   Bucheon Cultural Foundation

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