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Jeahyun Nam (South Korea)

Jeahyun Nam(b.1981) finds his artistic muse in the moon. Just as people have a cultural tradition of making wishes upon the full moon, the moon becomes a vessel for people's hopes and dreams in his works. By including modes of transportation like airplanes or hot air balloons alongside the moon, the artist aims to provide viewers with a momentary sense of relaxation, as if they have embarked on a celestial journey through his paintings.

Requesting Jeahyun Nam's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 "FOREST," middleman gallery, Busan

2021 "INVITATION TO ME," Gallery I RING, Changwon

2021 "LITTLE HOUSE," e-Wellness Dental, Busan

2021 "MY LITTLE SECRET," Hansae Gallery, Busan

2019 "In My Heart...," La Galerie, Ulsan

2018 "My LITTLE FOREST Collaboration," Jewelry Gallery GONG, Busan

2017 "THE LITTLE THINGS," Gallery Bom, Busan

2014 "Step by Step," Cafe Steps, Busan

2012 "What is Your Color?," Cafe Painted Chair, Busan

2006 Jeju International Art Fair, Jeju Convention Center, Jeju

Group Exhibition

2021 "Marjungmul Art Market Special Exhibition," Kim Ria Gallery, Seoul

2020 Seongbuk-gu 369 Village Art Center, Seoul

2019 Gallery Insa Art, Seoul

2014 Copyolani Community Center, Hawaii

and more

Art Fairs

2022 "LA Art Show," Los Angeles, US

2021 "Seoul Art Fair," Hwang Gallery, COEX, Seoul

2021 "Art Auction & Donation," Grand Intercontinental Parnas, Seoul

2021 "BANK ART FAIR," COEX Intercontinental, Seoul


Ph.D. Completion in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University

Master's Degree in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University

Bachelor's Degree in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University

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