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Your forest38 116.7×91cm Oil on linen 2023.jpg

Jay Choi (South Korea)

In Jay Choi's (b. 1975) 'Inner Landscapes,' a solitary house stands at the edge of a billowing wind. The artist portrays this house as a sanctuary that can only be reached by navigating through thickets, using it as a metaphor for uncontrolled emotions akin to the uncontrollable winds. Through these metaphorical landscape paintings, the artist conveys their own inner world, or perhaps the human psyche itself.

Requesting Jay Choi's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 11th Solo Exhibition "Inner Landscapes," Suho Gallery, Seongnam

2020 10th Solo Exhibition "Longing for Tokyo," Suho Gallery, Seongnam

2018 9th Solo Exhibition "The Secret Garden," Suho Gallery, Seongnam

2017 8th Solo Exhibition "Metaphorical Self-Portraits II," Insa Art Space, Seoul

2017 7th Solo Exhibition "Metaphorical Self-Portraits," Lee Jeong-ah Gallery, Seoul

2015 6th Solo Exhibition "Private Conversations II," Gana Art Space, Seoul

2015 5th Solo Exhibition "From Routine," GS Tower Street Gallery, Seoul

2014 4th Solo Exhibition "Private Conversations," Gallery Biwon, Seoul

2008 3rd Solo Exhibition "The Illusion" (Hosted by Geumsan Gallery), Chai Gallery, Paju Heyri

2008 2nd Solo Exhibition "BELT 2008 Selected Artist Exhibition," Gallery Art Side, Seoul

2007 1st Solo Exhibition "The Allurements," Gwanhun Gallery (New Building), Seoul

Major Group Exhibitions

2022 "Opening a Wonderful New World: Documenta," Suho Gallery, Seongnam

2022 "Print Map Newtro Exhibition," United Gallery, Seoul

2021 "New Normal, New Wave," Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul

2021 "COVID Healing Gyeonggi Art Collection Special Exhibition," Gyeonggi Millennium Road Gallery, Uijeongbu

2021 "BAMA 2021," BEXCO, Busan

2020 "Awakening of Spring Exhibition," Suho Gallery, Seongnam

2020 "Bon Coeur With Soohoh," Suho Gallery, Seongnam

2019 "Tracing the Path to Art," KDC Korea Design Center, Seongnam

2019 "Dark Side of the Moon," Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London

2018 "6 Artists II," Gallery Sein, Seoul

2018 "Five Oceans, One Earth: Eleven Roads," Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

2017 "Suho Competition Winners' Exhibition," Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam

2017 "Asia Contemporary Art Show

2017 Hong Kong," Conrad, Hong Kong

2014 "Art Edition 2014 HK," Hong Kong

Your forest38 116.7×91cm Oil on linen 2023.jpg
your forest03_60.6×72.7cm_oil on linen_2023.jpg
Your forest33 72.7×60.6cm Oil on linen 2023.jpg
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