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Jamsan (South Korea)

Jamsan (b. 1974) is an artist who navigates between the realms of commerce and purity, engaging in various forms of artistic activities. He has a diverse history of collaborations in Korean drama, K-pop, and branding. The central character in his works is a girl with big eyes and long hair, and her enigmatic, pristine visage subtly captivates the viewers.

Artist note


The travelling girl meets new faces every time.

When she met a cowardly shadow wolf who wouldn’t show up, the girl gently comforted him and walked with him.


In the forest so thick that the end couldn’t be seen, she met a rabbit who wanted to become a tree. The girl stopped for a moment and chased the rabbit’s dream together. On a windy day, she flew freely with Mr. Dandelion Spore, swimming in the sea of leaves. When she found herself in the warm arms of the swamp giant, she wanted to linger for a while, but she continued on her journey.


When she was walking on an empty road, she met a scarred cactus standing alone by the roadside. The girl went up to him without hesitation, and gave him a warm hug.

Rose’s body was covered with thorns, but she showed a happy smile.

The cactus stayed with her for a while, guiding her on her journey.


At times, she was lost in mazes. Without being scared, she calmly raised her head and looked at the countless stars.

Looking at the stars, she made a wish. The stars, the countless stars that rained down from the beginning and the end of the universe…


The girl is a blossom of rose. Hugging everything she encounters, the rose from a faraway star continues on her journey.

Requesting Jamsan's Artwork List

SOLO Exhibition

2021 《Jamsan Solo Exhibition》, Imperial Palace Four Walls Gallery, Seoul

2020 《Jamsan Solo Exhibition》, Nauri Art Gallery, Seoul

2019 《Planting Light and Shadow》, L Gallery, Samcheong-dong, Seoul

2018 《Jamsan》, Nauri Art Gallery, Seoul

2014 《Traces of the Wind》, Gallery Palais de Seoul, Seoul

2009 《A place where people gather》, Gallery Godong, Seoul


GROUP Exhibition

2022 《Open Group Exhibition》, Clamp Gallery, Seoul

         《The Hyundai Seoul》, K Auction, Seoul

         《BAMA Art Fair》, Space Um Gallery, Busan

         《HAPPYBARAGI》 Collast Gallery, Seoul

         《Dada Project》, Dada Gallery, Seoul

2021 《Red Chair》, Collast Gallery, Seoul

        《Premium Online》, Seoul Auction, Seoul

        《Gift Exhibition》, Gallery Joeun, Seoul

        《Open Invitation Exhibition》, Art Inside Gallery, Seoul

2016 《FoR-ReST Forest of Seven Illustrators》, Galleria Foret, 


2014 《Secret action》, Total Museum of Art, Seoul


Works and Awards

2022 Netflix, Drama "Annarasumanara", Intro part concept art Oli Publishing Company, “Mermaid Dad” children’s book

2020 tvN, Drama “It’s okay not to be okay” concept art

2019 tvN, Drama "Boyfriend" Concept Illustration Episode 1-16

2018 Shutterstock, "Korea’s representative artist" video promotion

2016 Seoul International Book Fair, Korean Representative Invited Artist

2015 “PyeongChang Winter Olympics”, 15 Korean Representatives

2014 Seo Tae Ji 9th album “Sogyeok-dong” illustration and concert poster

2013 Super Sonic Rock Festival concept art Launched “amazing zoo” app for iPad(Grand prize, US)

2012 Seoul Metro City Hall Wall Art “Dreaming City” 10m Wall Art

2011 Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour Korean Invited Artist

2010 Enprani Road Shop (Holika Holika) Myeong-dong facade concept art

2009 SHINSEGAE Department Store Christmas (Christmas in Oz) illustration

2008 Nike Park Ji-sung cf & graphic novel concept art

2007 Seoul Arts Center Opera “The Magic Flute” Illustration

2006 Seoul Arts Center opera performance poster illustration KBS2 ID CF Illustrations

2004 CYWORLD Jamsan Story Skin, KT Website (Information and Communication Museum) Illustration Web (Grand Prize)

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