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Jaeyual Lee (South Korea)

Jaeyual Lee (b. 1969) transitioned from a former career in banking to become a painter. Reflecting his unique background, his works are dreamlike and stimulate the imagination. His distinctive drawing technique, situated at the intersection of comic art and traditional Korean painting, evokes a sense of standing on the boundary between reality and the surreal.

Requesting Jaeyual Lee's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023 SANSOOMONG_ Exploring the Hidden Imagination(collast seongsu)
2018-2022 (annual) Sansumong Exhibition (Hu Museum of Art,Wonju)
2022 Art Fair Daegu (Daegu EXCO, Daegu)
2022 Plastic Art Seoul (COEX, Seoul)
2020 Dalmada Roof Festa (Wonju Creation Studio, Wonju)
2019 Art Hub Online Solo Exhibition (Art Hub Gallery)
2017 Lee Jaeyual Pen Painting - Wonju's True View (WhiteCube 302, Wonju)
2016 Lee Jaeyual Pen Painting - Drawing Autumn (White Cube302, Wonju)
2016 Art Space Scalatium (Skalatium, Seoul)
2016 Stealing Joseon’s Paintings’ (White Cube 302, Wonju)
2015 Stealing Joseon’s Paintings’ (Wonju Art Studio, Wonju)
2014 Stealing Joseon’s Paintings’ (Wonju Art Studio, Wonju)
2013 Jangheung Art Park (Jangheung Art Park, Gyeonggi)
2012 Artbluenett (Park Gwangil Gallery, Seoul)
2012 Art Space Scalatium (Art Space Scalatium, Seoul)
2012 Hwabong Gallery (Hwabong Gallery, Seoul)
2012 Yedam Art Contemporary (Gallery Yedam, Seoul)
2009 Gallery Mirae (Gallery Mirae, Jeju)
2009 Gallery DOS (Gallery DOS, Seoul)
2000 Lee Jaeyual Exhibition (Jeon Kyung-Sook Gallery, Busan)

Group Exhibition

2022 Gangwon Artist Triennale (Pyeongchang)
2022 ‘Oh! JOYFUL WORLD’ (Lee Sang-won Museum, Chuncheon)
2021 The Time You Come (DTC Art Center, Daejeon)
2021 Ecosystem Residency in Munmak (Hu Museum of Art, Wonju)
2021 Hu Art Museum Special Exhibition of 4 People (Hoo Museumof Art, Wonju)
2020 Minsoo Kang and Jaeyual Lee (Lina Gallery, Seoul)
2019 Pleasant Outing (Gamo Gallery, Seoul)
2019 ODD SPACE Lee Jae-yeol, Kim Joo-hee (Gallery Artbn, Seoul)
2019 All Around, Paldal Exhibition (Who Museum of Art, Wonju)
2019 ‘Let’s Play in Sansuya’ (Children’s Eco Art Experience Center,Suwon)
2019 START YOUR NEW LIFE (Lotte World Tower Gallery Rest,Seoul)
2018 ‘Art Factory Whoo Conceptual Convergence’ (Hu Museum ofArt, Wonju)
2018 Huyong Art Ruins (Hu Museum of Art, Wonju)
2017 Roofless Art Museum Journey (Gangneung Cultural Foundation,Gangneung)
2017 I am a writer (Chiak Art Museum Exhibition Room, Wonju)
2016 NEW Gaze, Obvious Daily Life (Gangneung Museum of Art,Gangneung)
2016 Art ruins (Whoo Museum of Art, Wonju)
2016 I am an artist (Toothpaste Art Museum, Wonju)
2015 Art Hamptons (New York-Kips Gallery, New York)
2015 NAVER Adult's Fairy Tale (NAVER headquarters gallery,Seongnam)
2012 Landscape Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store DaeguBranch, Daegu)
2012 New Sansu Era (Gallery Alley, Seoul)
2010 ART ROAD 77 Art Fair (Book House Art Space, Heiri)

and more



1999 Busan National University, Fine Arts, B.F.A
2009 Chung-Ang University, Korean Painting M.F.A

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