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김재현 _나무인상2201_2022_oil on canvas_100.0×100.0.jpg

Jaehyeon Kim (South Korea)

Jaehyeon Kim focuses on the emotional impact of nature rather than its physical representation. His depictions of grass, trees and forests intentionally omit academic techniques like linear perspective, resulting in realistic yet fantastical portrayals.

Requesting Jaehyeon Kim's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023 When nature becomes a landscape, Seoul, Doll Gallery

2022 Kim Jae Hyeon's solo exhibition, Seoul, GrappeGallery

2021 Daon Gallery Kim Jae Hyeon's solo exhibition, Seoul, Daon Gallery

2021 KIM JAE HYEON, a public art project, Andong, Seongjawon

2020 Forest Sound Small Art Museum Kim Jae Hyun 2nd Individual Exhibition, Busan, Dongnae Benest CC Wiz Art Gallery

2019 The 31st ‘GOGEUM’ Art Selection Artist Individual Invitation, Degu, Daebaek Plaza Gallery

Group Exhibition

2023 URBAN BREAK, SAWEOL Gallery, Seoul

2023 Hyun Jung Kim | Jae Hyeon Kim Exhibition, Gallery Daon, Seoul

2023 Jae Hyeon Kim | Hyun Jung Kim Exhibition, Seoul, Gallery Grimson

2023 AHAF, Busan, Gallery Grimson

2023 breeze, Seoul, platinumgallery

2023 Some Thoughts on the Common Toad, Seoul, Gallery Saem

2023 MIGI GALLERY April Special Exhibition, Seoul, MIGI GALLERY

2023 GALLERIES Art Fair, Seoul, SETEC, Gallery soo

2023 BAMA Art Fair, Busan, BEXCO, Gallery soo

2023 Emotion and Sensibility, Seoul, LINA GALLERY

2022 Begin Again, Paju, gallerythegrace

2022 GALLERIES Art Fair, Seoul, SETEC, Gallery soo

2022 BAMA Art Fair, Busan, BEXCO, Gallery soo

2022 PLAS(Plastic Art Seoul), Seoul, coex

2022 different perspectives, Suwon, dept.galleria

2022 Art Fair Daegu, Daegu, EXCO, 7milesgallery

2022 Ulsan International Art Fair, Ulsan, UlsanExhibition and ConventionCenter. Gallery soo

2022 IHAF International Hotel Art Fair, Daegu, Interbulgo Hotel. Gallery soo

2022 ASYAAF Exhibition, Seoul, Hongik University

2022 NATURE, Gangneung-si, myeong ju art

and more


- Haeundae Yeongmu Parade Hotel, South Korea

- TBC Cultural Foundation, South Korea

- Kumbok Cultural Foundation, South Korea

- Dongil Cultural Foundation, South Korea

- 93 Museum, South Korea, South Korea



2013 Graduated from Western Department at Keimyung University

김재현 _숲인상no.2302_2023_oil on canvas_116.8×91.0.jpg
김재현 _나무인상2201_2022_oil on canvas_100.0×100.0.jpg
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