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Inhye Jung (South Korea)

Inhye Jung's (b. 1990) artworks, green plants, particularly cacti, come to life. The ecosystem created by the artist is a reconstruction based on collected data, transcending realistic depiction and delving into subjective expression. Viewers find solace in the fantastical yet familiar landscapes.

Requesting Inhye Jung's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 Gallery Afternoon, Seoul, Korea

2021 Severance Art Space, Korea

2021 F1963 Hwasoomog Garden, Busan, Korea

2019 Noclaim, Busan

2019 Dolchanggo project, Namhae, Korea

2018 Hoard Gallery, Seoul, Korea/ Slowpharmacy, Seoul, Korea

2017 GS Tower Street Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016 WATCO, Seoul/ T.P.E KASINA, Busan

Group Exhibition

2023 The preview Seong su with Shinhan card, Seoul, Korea

2023 Galleries Art Fair, Seoul, Korea

2023 Atelier AKI <In this Garden We Loved>, Seoul, Korea

2023 Art Busan Art Fair, Busan, Korea

2022 Ulsan Art Fair, Ulsan, Korea

2022 The preview Seong su with Shinhan card, Seoul, Korea

2022 Shinsegae Department store gallery <Blossom Art Fair ‘Collector’s Choice’>, Seoul, Korea

2022 Lotte Department store gallery <Melody of green>, Seoul, Korea

2022 Jean Art Design, Seoul, Korea

2022 Encore The preview, Seoul, Korea

2022 BAMA, Busan, Korea

2022 Atelier AKI <Vanguard>, Seoul, Korea

2021 The Preview art fair with Shinhan card (MTA), Korea

2021 Penthouse Upclose, Korea

2021 Gallery Joeun <소품락희(小品樂喜)>, Seoul, Korea

2021 Art Sohyang <Under 200>, Busan, Korea

2021 Seoul Auction eBID special <Art Speaker> by print bakery. Seoul

2020 KIAF ART SEOUL Online Viewing Room

2020 Art Park, Seoul, Korea

2019 Art Sohyang <Under 200>, Busan, Korea

2018 Gervasoni, Seoul, Korea/ Art Sohyang, Busan, Korea

2017 Space B_E, Seoul, Korea

2015 ZAGMACHI, Seoul, Korea

2014 Graduation, Gallery LaMer, Seoul, Korea



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank


2009 Busan Art School, Busan, Korea

2015 Fine art, Sang-Myung University, Seoul, Korea

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