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INAE (South Korea)

Muse artist

INAE's 'Memory Series' is a stunning visual representation of the process of memory, showcasing how memories change and adapt over time. With this series, INAE perfectly captures the feeling of keeping past impressions and experiences in consciousness, reminiscing back to those happy, sad, or pleasant memories that shape us.

But here's the thing - the memory can not be said to be the real past. Memories of various emotions disappear, fade, and morph into new shapes, all depending on the situation or emotional state. This is precisely what INAE's 'Memory Series' brings to life - the complex and ever-changing nature of memory.

Starting with just a small circle of gold on canvas, INAE beautifully expresses the afterimage of memory. And the best part? The image of the artist's memory can transcend her own personal experiences and become a scene in the viewer's memory. 

So come and join us as we celebrate the incredible work of INAE and get lost in the magic of the ‘Memory Series.’ Trust us, this is one announcement you won't want to miss!

Requesting Inae's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 INAE – A Golden Spring, Hedwig Gallery, Pangyo

2021 363 Studio Gallery, Lotte Department Store, Bucheon

2021 Mondrian Hotel, Seoul

2021 2021괜찮아, Redlgallery, Daejeon

2021 37story, Galleryis, Seoul

2020 INAE 마주보기, Mansion9, Seoul

2020 ‘기억, 시선, 경배’, Thewall Gallery, Seoul

2019 위로의 시대, Alexroom Gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2022 Meet up art fair 02, Spacedo, Seoul

2022 KIAF Seoul, Incheon Airport

2022 Meet up art fair 01, Collabohouse, Seoul

2022 Urbanbreak 2022, Coex, Seoul

2022 Art Vacance, Galleria Department Store, Gwanggyo

2022 Traver Maker, Collast, Seoul

2022 해피바라기, Collast, Seoul

2022 별나다프로젝트, Arttogether, Seoul

2021 Art Daejeon, Shinsegae Department Store, Daejeon

2021 색계; 색의 계절, Collast, Seoul

2021 추상뎐, Collast, Seoul

2021 해피바라기, Collast, Seoul

2021 Collabohouse art dosan fair, Collabohouse, Seoul

2020 Breeze art fair, Seoul

2020 Ponte Art Online Exhibition, Italy

2019 Eco Rock Festival, Starfield, Goyang

2019 이원생중계전, Gallery Lamer, Seoul

2019 Frontier Project 2019, Gallery Misulsegye, Seoul



2007 BA Fine Arts, Sejong University, Seoul

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