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7. C-Untitled-R_Oil & Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Park Hyunsu.png

Hyunsu Park (South Korea)

The artist's focus is on experiments that convert light into energy through color. In a nutshell, this involves representing images accumulated in the memory of past experiences in a hybrid form of pop and abstract on a flat surface. This process embodies both inner and outer duality and carries complex symbolic meanings.

Internally, it deals with the issues of collision, conflict, and fusion between Eastern and Western cultures experienced over a long period of time. Externally, it involves the act of executing the work, requiring the repetition of free-dripping and extreme concentration, often referred to as "digging," which carves out form through painting on a single canvas, generating new energy on the screen or in space.

The diverse symbols resulting from these actions are a visual language through which the artist dreams of communication. While these symbols represent invisible energies in the artist's visual language, ironically, they are also similar to the diversity of races and humans, and they share a connection with the birth of the universe. Looking at this in reverse, it becomes clear that diversity ultimately stems from unity.


Gwangju Art Prize

Jeon Hyuk Lim Art Prize

Seoul Metropolitan Art Museum

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Government Art Bank, Art Bank)

Gwangju City Art Museum

Woojong Art Museum

San Jose Art Museum (USA)

Yangpyeong Art Museum

OCI Art Museum

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts University City Art Museum (China)

Solo Exhibition

2023 Park Hyun Su Exhibition, DELIEU Gallery, Seoul

2022 Rhyme II, Minnim Gallery, Seoul

2022 Hyun-Su Park Exhibition, Gallery The Purple 3, Asan

2022 Rhyme, The Lala Gallery, Seoul

2021 The Prosody of Light, Gallery1, Seoul

2019 Core-Harmonization, The Lala Gallery, Seoul

2019 Gallery White One Opening Exhibition, Gallery White One, Seoul

2019 Core-Vitality, Gallery Imaju, Seoul

2018 Hyun-Su Park Show, Art Lab TOKYO, Tokyo

2018 Journey to Universe II, Onu Gallery, Anyang

2017 Jeon Hyuk Lim Art Prize Winner's Invitational Exhibition, Jeon Hyuk Lim Art Museum, Tongyeong

2017 Journey to Universe, Hoseo University Central Library Gallery, Asan

2014 The Bloom, Woojong Art Museum, Boseong

2014 Expansion, Jin Art Center, Seoul

2013 Interaction, Open Gallery, Seoul

2012 Recent Works, SLG Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2012 Classy Lifestyle with Artworks of Park Hyun Su, Jin Art Center, Seoul

2012 Multiplicity, Duin Gallery, Seoul

2008 Duality08, Jin Art Center, Seoul

2007 Recent Works, Evolving Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2006 Solo, 1212 Gallery, Burlingame, USA

2005 C-Window II, LA Korean Consulate General, Los Angeles, USA

2004 Communication, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, USA

2004 C-Window I, San Francisco Korean Consulate General, San Francisco, USA

1995 Untitled, Master's Degree Exhibition, Samjeong Art Space, Seoul, and more



Doctoral degree in Film Studies from the Graduate School of Konkuk University.

Graduate degree from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Graduate degree in Painting from the Graduate School and Department of Painting at Chung-Ang University.

17. UntitledII(Part1)_Oil on canvas_200 x 200cm(200)_2014_Park Hyunsu.jpg
20. UntitledII(Part4)_Oil on canvas_200 x 200cm(200)_2014_Park Hyunsu.jpg
18. UntitledII(Part2)_Oil on canvas_200 x 200cm(200)_2014_Park Hyunsu.jpg
19. UntitledII(Part3)_Oil on canvas_200 x 200cm(200)_2014_Park Hyunsu.jpg
6. C-Untitled-W_Oil & Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Park HyunSu.jpg
8. C-Untitled-Y_Oil & Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Park Hyunsu.jpg
7. C-Untitled-R_Oil & Acrylic on canvas_116.7 x 91.0cm(50F)_2023_Park Hyunsu.png
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