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Hyeyoung Hwang (South Korea)

Hyeyoung Hwang(b. 1977) works with the theme of adolescent girls. The girl represents all modern individuals, regardless of gender or age, as according to the artist, adolescence never truly stops in one's life, differing only in degree and timing. Viewers empathize with the girl's growth and journey as they appreciate the artworks.

Artist's Note
Cloud Girl

The reason I decided to draw a young girl as the main character was that I could project myself into the girl's fragility, immaturity, and honesty. The story drawn over a long period of time naturally created a moment of growth for both the girl and myself. The variety of emotions expressed through the growing pains of puberty in the forest, the courage to face small and big insecurities, and the adventurous spirit to explore new challenges made me grow.

I hope that her whole journey of overcoming the puberty can be a comfort to everyone.

Requesting Hyeyoung Hwang's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 《FOREST》, middleman gallery, Busan

2021 《INVITATION TO ME》, Gallery I RING, Changwon

         《LITTLE HOUSE》, e-Wellness Dental, Busan

         《MY LITTLE SECRET》, Hansae Gallery, Busan National University of Education, Busan

2019 《In My Heart...》, La Galerie, Ulsan

2018 《My LITTLE FOREST Collaboration》, Jewelry GalleryGONG, Busan

2017 《THE LITTLE THINGS》, Gallery Bom, Busan

2014 《Step by Step》, Cafe Steps, Busan

2012 《What is Your Color?》, Cafe Painted Chair, Busan

2006 《Jeju International Art Fair》, Jeju Convention Center, Jeju

Group Exhibition


         《Oh! My Muse》, Gallery Art Forest, Busan

         《HAPPYBARAGI》, COLLAST Gallery, Seoul

         《I want to be happy today》, DOT Museum of Art, Busan

         《BLUE 3》, Karas Gallery, Seoul

2021 《THANK U-Art Market》, Gallery Art Forest, Busan

        《Brilliant》, Gallery Art Forest, Busan

        《Walk the Heart》, Hansae Gallery, Busan

        《Eight Consolations》, Hansae Gallery, Busan

        《The 4th Hot Summer-Art Market》, Gallery Art Forest, Busan

        《LINE & COLOR》 Gallery IS, Seoul

2020 《Bye_Hi》, Hansae Gallery, Busan

2019 《Aways Like Movie》, PAN Gallery, Busan

2018 《ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS》, PAN Gallery, Busan

2016 《Life and Work》, Busan Civic Center Hanseul Gallery, Busan

         《7 True Colors》, Gallery Bom, Busan



Dongmyoung University, Animation MFA

Shilla University, Western Painting BFA

Busan Arts High School, Western Painting Major

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