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Nameless Flowers1-3, 45x53cm, oil on canvas, 2021.jpg

Hyeseong Lee (South Korea)

Hyesung Lee focuses on the countless, rapidly discarded plants, painting reeds and flowers with a thin brush. Considering the idea that flowers are most beautiful when their stems are cut, the artist's paintings evoke the phrase 'Memento Mori.'

Requesting Hyeseong Lee's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022 The Scene of Life, All that Curating, Seoul

2022 Elysion, Government Complex-Seoul, Seoul

2022 New Genwration2, Haeden Museum, , Incheon, Korea

2021 Nameless Flowers, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

2018 The Breath of Life, Seum artspace, Seoul, Korea

2017 Lost Paradise, Gallery Imazoo, Seoul, Korea

2016 Eternallife, Shinhan Gallery Gwanghwamun, Seoul, Korea

2014 The Line of Paradise, BD Gallery, Seongnam, Korea

2013 The Line of Paradise, The K Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition

2023 Greenery Beats, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea

2023 Connected Moments, Seoul National University Hospital(Space-U), Seongnam, Korea

2023 Coleccion de La Fundacion Cultural de Gyeonggi, Korean Cultural Center in Argentina, Buenosaires, Argentina

2022 Shapeless Shape, Lotte Gallery, Hwaseong, Korea

2022 ArtGyeonggi, Art Chosun Space, Seoul, Korea

2022 TryTry, Prompt Project, Seoul, Korea

2022 Selected artist. BNK bank, BNK gallery, Busan, Korea

2022 Differently, a little closer, Uijeongbu Art Library, Uijeongbu, Korea

2022 Can We be a Painting, Finepaper Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2021 Special Exhibition of Gyeonggi Art Collection, Gyeonggi Millenium-gil, Uijeongbu, Korea

2021 Wonderfuldays, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, Korea

2021 no place like home, Artspace 0, Seoul, Korea

2021 ART369, Platform-L, Seoul, Korea

2021 Seoullo Media Canvas, Seoullo7017, Seoul, Korea

2021 The Shift, Gallery Pakyoung, Paju, Korea

2020 ArtGyeonggi x Art Road77, Paju Heiri Art Village, Paju, Korea

2020 ONTACT Artgyeonggi, Gyeonggi Sangsangcampus, Suwon, Korea

and more


- Gyeonggi Art Museum

- OCI Museum of Art

- Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum

- Seoul City Hall

- BNK Financial Group

- Korea Exchange

- Gallery Bakyoung


and more


2017 M.F.A. Fine Art, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

2014 B.F.A. Fine Art, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Nameless Flowers1-2, 45x53cm, oil on canvas, 2021.jpg
Nameless Flowers1-3, 45x53cm, oil on canvas, 2021.jpg
Nameless Flowers1-4, 45x53cm, oil on canvas, 2021.jpg
Nameless Flowers1-5, 45x53cm, oil on canvas, 2021.jpg
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