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Hwi Kim (South Korea)

Artist Kim Hwi examines people's "hurt" and draws personal views It is expressed intuitively.
A society where you can live only when you hide your pain, and the culture that you learn like that Consider the irony of the phenomena that have become. rotting out of the art. It's hidden Recall the emotions you needed, get visual information back as quickly as possible It is expressed in an intuitive conversation that focuses on one emotion to be accepted.


K Museum of contemporary Art <Geeky Land 2023>

2022 RAF : Rising Artist Festival x ccollabohaus mullae

2022 CICA Museum, CICA Art Festival

2022 “BYULIL GROUND” Group Exhibition "Voice of the Heart"

2022 Studio Mbus703 Metaverse NFT Special Exhibition "META-CUBE"

2022 Korea Art Show(KASS2022)

2022 Art blending x Ccollabohaus dosan 2nd HoHo Art Festival

​2022 Young Art Gallery "2022-start up"


2nd place in the 2nd ULKIN CANVAS Artwork Design Challenge

Awarded at the 10th Korea Creative Culture and Arts Exhibition in 2022.

GrassHopper(representative image).jpg
SLOW Dancing IN THE DARK (1).jpg
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