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Holly Nerreter (Germany)

Holly Sabine Nerreter(b.1967) is a German born Artist, based in London, U.K. She is a mixed media artist how works with Graphite,Pencil ,Ballpoint Pen and acrylic highlights. Her pieces have been exhibited at various Art Galleries in Europe & around the world. She showed at MODERN PANIC X at the Truman Brewery.Her creative process is triggered by the need to highlight and put in public view the "Overlooked".Her unlikely muses grow close to heart during the process of creating this dramatic ,touching and intense body of work. She connects on an emotional level and invites the viewer to reciprocate.Her intention; by method of putting a hyper amount of details into her works, with eyes also overly prominent ;is to give the attention and time every human deserves, no matter what age ,gender ,race ,social stand or life story. Creating a connection between viewer and portrait. Make the" Overlooked" seen. In the series "Protect the Past to save the Future" she embraces the Beauty of Age. Started during the Pandemic, she wanted to show that the Elderly are worth saving. We would be not here without them. Wrinkles are not ugly, every single one is a page in a book full of wondrous stories told by the aged face. She is currently working on a series of self portraits titled ME/MYSELF/I , which will also be shown as the series "Love Hurts" and "Lost like Tears in the Rain.

Group Exhibition

2017 T'ART, Bones and Pearls Gallery, London,U.K
2017 Art Summer Rome, Domus Romana Gallery, Rome, Italy
2017 Femfest, Ugly Duck Gallery, London, U.K
2018 Unspoken, The Stash Gallery, London, U.K
2019 We are S
weetArt, The Stash Gallery, London,U.K
2019 MODERN PANIC X, Truman Brewery, London , U.K
2022 RETRESPECT, The Art Bypass Gallery, London, U.K

2020 Yours Truly ,ArtZine, Number One, Yellow, Africa
Dementia Spring ,Online Interview and Solo Show
2022 Featured Artist, U.S

Artist of the Month for the Project Dementia Spring in the U.S.

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