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Heejin Jang (South Korea)

Heejin Jang(b. 1977) has pioneered her distinctive artistic genre known as 'Negative Painting,' where she artfully crafts texture by gently tearing modeling paste with her hands on canvas. In recent times, she has been making significant strides in the art scene, securing image content partnerships with prominent companies such as Samsung.

Requesting Heejin Jang's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2023.7 Gallery art issue projects, Jeon-ju, Korea

2022.11 Gallery Tophohaus, “med on life with color”, Seoul, South Korea

2022.9 Gallery artertain, “over tones”, Seoul, South Korea

2021.7 Gallery We, “never hue ending”, yong-in, South Korea

2020.10 Gallery osquare, “delimitation”, Seoul, South Korea

2019.12 Gallery sein,”Ascenein between”,seoul, Seoul, Korea

2019.8 Gallery Suppoment, “Color dimension”by Yong--in Cultural Association , Seoul, South Korea

2017.4 Gallery H , “by Degrees, scene” , Seoul, South Korea

2016.6 SeohwaGallery, “slow pigment”, Seoul, South Korea

2012.6 Woominart center, project café Woomin, Chung-ju, South Korea

2011.6 Gallery UM, “sound of wave", Seoul, South Korea

2010.3 SeohwaGallery, Seoul, South Korea

2007.9 Doll Gallery, "space of flows" , Seoul, South Korea

2006.4 SEO Gallery, SEO 3rd Young Artist Exhibition, Seoul

2004.5 YemacGallery, Seoul, South Korea

2003.8 UM gallery ,seoul/ Moo-Shim Gallery, Chung-ju, Korea

2003.7 Kwan-hoonGallery by Kyung-kiCultural Association, Seoul, South Korea

2003.6 “sa-i”, UM gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2002.7 Style21 bar & Gallery, Chungdam, Seoul,  South Korea

2002.5 “in between", MANIF8!02, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

Group Exhibition

2023 KIAF SEOUL, COEX,seoul

2023 super nature , space supernomal, seoul

2023 Like a Rhythm , dohing art, seoul

2023 Thing or nothing , sono gallery , daegu

2022 seoul art show, COEX, seoul

2022 THE NEW WAVE , pics good gallery, seoul

2022 KIAF2022 , COEX, Seoul

2022 The Next Meme in insadong,Gallery Lamer, seoul

2022 <pieces of space> 서지선, 박상희, 장희진, samwon gallery, seoul

2022 DAE GU Shinsegye ART SHOW, department store culture hall, dae gu

2022 ‘ogam’, lotte department store 4-6, seoul

2022 PLAS2022 조형아트페어, COEX, seoul

2022 (OMNIVERSE), Mueseum SAN , Wonju

2022 Gallery ART FAIR 2022, SETEC, SEOUL

2021 KIAF 2021 , COEX, seoul

2021 color field gream, YO GALLERY, seoul

2021 Total support, total museum, seoul

2021 PHYTO GARDEN (김지혜,장희진,최승윤), sein gallery, seoul

2021 JAD festa, jeju art design festq, Hotel Camphor tree, Jeju

2021 ART369, PLATFORM L, seoul

2021 younhi art fair “call for collector”, artertain, seoul

2021 Gallery art fair, COEX, seoul

2021 BAMA , Bexco, busan

2021 PYAF(pankyo young artist festa) ,art space KC, pangyo, Kyung ki-do

2021 union artfair online

2021 Art collective;on&off LOTTE GALLERY, BUSAN


2020 PLAS2020, COEX, seoul

2020 seoul modern art show, hanjunart center, seoul

2019 Essen art fair, contemporary art ruhr(c.a.r), germany

2018 ART Zurich art fail, zurich , switzerland

2018 VOLTA BASEL art fair , Elsasserstrasse 215, 4056, basel, switzerland

and more



2011 LEEUM MUSEUM art shop artist scaf _ JANG HEE JIN

2018 mecenat awards _seoul fine arts association

2019 Modern ART Show_ excellent artist awards



2006-8 The Artist of 1st Residence in Nan-ji Studio at Seoul Museum of Art



MFA Painting Department, Chung-Ang University, Seoul

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HUE 61x61cm 2022.jpg
HUE 61x61cm 2023.jpg
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