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Edmund Tan (U.K)

Edmund Tan is an artist with a background in architecture.  Alongside his work at KPF he co-founded Substance+Co and runs a research studio called Platform NULL. His artistic pursuits gravitate toward the realm of digital art and narrative architecture. His expertise allows him to meticulously craft immersive worlds that convey compelling narratives while delving into social, political, and environmental commentaries. He is particularly passionate about world building, continually exploring the frontiers of imagination as he conceives new realms. Through his artwork, Edmund strives to transport his audience to unique dimensions, beckoning them to explore surreal and fantastical landscapes. Edmund’s work has been exhibited in prestigious venues such as the London Art Biennale, Suzhou Museum and across Europe. 

2023 London Art Biennale 2023, London
2023 Art on Loop, Paris
2023 Art on Loop, Amsterdam
2023 Art on Loop, Brussels
2022 A Day with Emperor Qianlong in 2022, Suzhou Museum, Suzhou, China
2022 A Love Letter to Architecture, Urban Cross Gallery, Shanghai China
2022 100 Artworks, 20square7, Berlin, Germany
2020 Bartlett Summer Show 2020, London, United Kingdom
2019 Bartlett Summer Show 2019, London, United Kingdom
2019 Esok Lusa_Tomorrow and the Day After, RexKL, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2018 President’s Medals Exhibition, RIBA North, Liverpool, United Kingdom
2018 President’s Medals Exhibition, RIBA, London, United Kingdom
2017 In the Peaceful Dome, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, U
nited Kingdom
2017 Unknown Future, Liverpool School of Architecture, Liverpool, United Kingdom
2017 Architecture + Bluecoat Exhibition, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Publications/ Magazine Features/ Talks
2022 Tatler Asia, How 5 Designers Reimagine Architecture in the Metaverse Space
2022 KooZarch, What If Civilization Were Given A Second Chance?
2022 Singapore Architecture Festival, Speculative Architecture
2022 Carnegie Mellon University Lecture
2022 Shanghai TV Interview
2021 Universiti Teknologi MARA Lecture
2021United Architects of the Philippines Graduate Auxiliary Talk
2021 UCSI University Talk
2021 Once Upon a China, CJ Lim
2021 GDP R+ Sessions, Podcast
2021 Edmund Tan Interview, XYZ Podcast
2020 RAC Lecture
2020 Bartlett Summer Show Book 2020
2018 Young Talent Architecture Award Book
2018, Climate of Dissent - Hidden Riot
2018, Climate of Dissent - Hidden Riot
2018 archinect, Climate of Dissent - Hidden Riot
2018 Non-Architecture, Dancing - Emotional Landscape
2018 Design Detail Magazine - Archcember
2018 IAB Magazine - Archcember
2018 AAVS Cebu
2017 The Archiologist - Bluecoat in Ruins
2017 AAVS Kuala Lumpur


Bartlett School of Architecture, University College Londo, MArch: Architecture (ARB/ RIBA Part II)
University of Liverpool, Architecture BA (Hons) (ARB/RIBA Part I)
DLD College, A Levels

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Unending Bloom_Edmund Tan.png
Unending Bloom_Edmund Tan (1).png
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