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Chuljoo Suk (South Korea)


Muse artist

Chuljoo Suk (b. 1950) is recognized as a pioneer in the modern Korean painting scene for his innovative approach, combining traditional Korean painting materials and techniques with the contemporary medium of acrylic paint. His series, particularly the reinterpretation of Ahn Gyeon's "Dream Journey to the Peach Blossom Land" painting, stands out as one of the artist's most prominent works.

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Professional Positions

2015-current Honorary Professor, Dept. Korean Painting, Chugye University of the Arts, Seoul

1990-2015 Full Professor, Dept. Korean Painting, Chugye University of the Arts, Seoul



BA Korean Painting, Chugye University of the Arts, Seoul

MA Graduate School of Education, Dongguk University, Seoul



2010 The 2nd Korean Art Critics Association Awards, Grand prize

1997 The 6th Korean Artist Award

1990 The 9th Annual Journalist of Fine Arts Award

1984 The 3rd Annual Award by Korean Fine Arts Association

1979-1981 The 2 ‒ nd, 3rd, 4th Jungang Fine Arts Prize

1971-1979 National Art Award winning 6 times ‒


Solo Exhibition

2021 Lotte Gallery ICT, Incheon

2017 Gallery Joeun, Seoul

2017 Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum, Seoul

2017 Gallery Daham, Gyeonggi-do

2016 Gallery Dongsanbang, Seoul

2016 Gallery Hyundai, Taiwan

2015 space CHoA/Gallery Feel, Changwon

2015 Korea University Museum, Seoul

2014 Gallery Sesom, Changwon

2014 SEOHO Museum of Art, Gyeunggi-do

2011 Atelier Aki in VERSACE HOME, Seoul

2010 Beacon Gallery, Seoul

2009 Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

2008 Keumsan Gallery Japan, Tokyo, Japan

2006 Gallery Liz, Gyeonggi-do

2005 Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

2004 Gallery A&D, Ulsan

2003 Gallery Songadang, Daegu


Group Exhibition (selected)

2021 “Vipassana·Awareness·Landscape” GalleryAG, Seoul 觀念景

2021 “Flow : Soul, Matter and Sound” Gallery KUZO, Seoul 脈

2021 “MMCA Collection: Times of Crisis Reconstructed Ordinary” Danwon Art ‒ Museum, Ansan

2021 “The 10th Busan Annual Market of Art

2021” Bexco, Busan

2021 “The Temperature Difference of Time" Public Naeseorak Art Museum, Gangwon-do

2021 “MMCA Collection: From Nature" Gangneung Arts Center, Gangwon-do 2020 “Why are we fascinated by Moon Jar” Gallery NOW, Seoul

2020 “The 20th Year Anniversary Special Exhibition” Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeoggi-do, KR

2020 “Contemporary Masterpiece Memorable Arts” Galle Geoje, Gyeonggam-do

2020 “The 100th Year Annivarsary of Korean Painting Special Exhibition” Ulsan Culture & Arts Center, Ulsan

2020 “The New Highway of Ink” Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

2020 “A2CEP 2020 Korea·EU Developmental Disability Special Exhibition” Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2020 “Sixteen Artists Sixteen Days” KIMHYUNJOOGALLERY, Seoul

2019 “KIAF Art Seoul 2019 (Keumsan Gallery, ALLME ARTSPACE)” Coex, Seoul

2019 “Refreshing” artLink, Seoul 2019 “Minerva : From Halla to Baekdu” Gallery Moebius, Seoul 

2019 “Time of communication, having a thousand year” Jungnang Art Center, Seoul

2019 “Asia Hotel Art Fair Busan 2019” Paradise Hotel, Busan

2018 “2018 Gana Atelier Open Studio” JH Atelier, Gyeonggi-do

2018 “PAF 2018 in Paris ” Bastile Design Center, Paris, France

2018 “Special Exhibition: Atelier next to the Museum” Gana Art Park, Gyeonggi-do

2018 “2018 World Korean Grand Art Festival : Where is our home?” Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2018 “The 7th Seould Art Show” Coex, Seoul

2018 “Art, Gwangju18” Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju

2018 “Alumni Exhibition of Chugye University of the Arts” Chugye University of the Arts space C21, Seoul

2018 “Duo Exhibition: Embracing the Moon” GalleryiLHO, Seoul

2018 “Ditigal Promenade” Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2018 “Landscape” Gallery White Birch, Seoul

2018 “Two Moons : Our Pottery Story ” Print Bakery, Seoul/Gyeonggi-do

2017 “Exhibition for the 100th years anniversary of Chang Ucchin” Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Gyeonggi-do

2017 “Art Banner” World Peace Gate at Olympic Park, Gangneung KTX Station, Seoul/Gangwon-do 2017 “Asia Hotel Art Fair

2017” Hyundai Department Store , Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Seoul

2017 “The road for soul to rest” ILJOWON Gallery, Seoul

2017 “Opening Anniversary Exhibition” ALLME ARTSPACE, Seoul

2017 “6 People 6 Colors” Art Space Qualia, Seoul 2017 “Opening Anniversary Exhibition” INYOUNG Gallery, Seoul

2017 “2017 Opening Anniversary Exhibition ‘Look at the flow of the Contemporary Art’” Expo Art Gallery, Yeosu and numerous other exhibition experiences

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