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판데믹 2(Pandemic 2) 130x162cm acrylic on canvas 2021.png

Byunghee Sung (South Korea)

Byunghee Sung (b. 1966) describes his work as 'the art of precision.' To the artist, art is a sharp edge that compels one to confront the truth. The figures in his works, with pallid faces and bloodshot eyes, gaze intently at the viewers, prompting questions about the essence of suffering.

"For me, art is a sharp blade that opens up the wound. Even though it hurts once more, it enables us to confront the pain. Confronting pain once again makes us walk again.


Some say “Don’t be afraid, the world is a beautiful place.” But it is no consolation to the truly wounded. Instead, I show my pain naked to viewers, delivering “You are not the only offended, I am too.” Art is not a detour or a light wrapping paper, but a straightforward attack that forces us to look directly upon the truth and to confront it."

Requesting ByungHee Sung's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2021 11th Solo Exhibition (White K Gallery) "Life-Death-Circus"

2019 10th Solo Exhibition (Hoard) "Tanatopsis"

2018 9th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Sein) "Red River"

2018 8th Solo Exhibition (Indie Art Hall) "Phobophobia"

2017 7th Solo Exhibition (Goyang Aramnuri Gallery Wool) "Broken Silence"

2017 6th Solo Exhibition (Stateless Art Space) "The Bones of Tattoos"

2014 5th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Godot) "Potential Representation"

2012 4th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Beam) "Looking Inside"

2010 3rd Solo Exhibition (Namoo Gallery) "Surviving"

1995 2nd Solo Exhibition (Kumho Gallery) "People on the outskirts"

1992 1st Solo Exhibition "People of this Land" (Indeco Gallery)

Group and Invitational Exhibitions

2022 "Sungsu Land" (Colaste, Seoul)

2021 11th Yeosu International Art Festival 2021 (Yeosu World Expo Convention Center Exhibition Hall, Jeollanam-do)

2021 "ParkCation" (Colaste, Seoul)

2021 "Character Topia" (Colaste, Seoul)

2021 "Happy Baragi" (Colaste, Seoul)

2021 "Banality of Evil Deeds" (Haedong Culture and Arts Village, Damyang, Jeollanam-do)

2020 "People Who Walk Through Color" (Ecorock Gallery, Seoul)

2020 "Public Art" (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2019 "Newtro" (Itta Art Space, Incheon)

2019 "Transhumanism" (El Gallery, Seoul)

2018 "Happy New Pig" (JK Blossom Gallery, Seoul)

2018 "Door of Stone" (Hoard Gallery, Seoul)

2017 "Facebooking" (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2017 "Poop Exhibition" (Suwon Haeujae Museum, Suwon)

2017 "Food Hunt" (Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonju)

2017 "Suffocated" (Hoard Gallery, Seoul)

2017 "Food and Human" (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2016 "Tokyo Zombie X-mas" (Anagra Gallery, Tokyo)

2016 Korean Contemporary Figurative Painting 2016 Exhibition (Indiepress Gallery, Seoul)

2016 "Thank You Exhibition" (Rae Gallery, Busan)

2016 "Busan Zombie Exhibition" (Yujin Gallery, Busan)

2016 "Artists' Room" (Art Space Namu)

2016 "A TRUE PAINTING" (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2015 "6Figuration Exhibition" (Namu Art, Seoul)

2015 Korean Contemporary Figurative Painting 2015 Exhibition (Palais de Seoul Gallery, Seoul)

2015 "Mirror of History Exhibition" (Arart Gallery, Seoul)

2015 "Coexistence... East and West" Exhibition (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2014 Hwanghae Art Festival (Incheon Art Platform, Incheon)

2015 "Coexistence... East and West" Exhibition (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2014 "Fear Exhibition" (Indie Art Hall, Seoul)

2013 "EV Project Exhibition" (Emoa Space Gallery Chelsea, New York)

2013 "The Group Exhibition of 2013 New Generation New York" (Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York)

2013 "The Group Exhibition of 2013 New Generation Seoul" (Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul)

2012 "Amore Mio Exhibition" (Gallery Beam, Seoul)

2012 Hongdae Alumni Exhibition (Gallery Sokoop, Bundang)

2000 Choi Ho-chul and Sung Byeong-hee 2-person Exhibition (Gallery Soll, Daegu)

1999 "Money, Money, Money Exhibition" (Gallery Sabina, Seoul)

1998 Realism Exhibition (Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul)

1996 "Reality More Harsh than Reality Exhibition" (Woongjeon Gallery, Namu Gallery)

1994 15 Years of People's Art Exhibition (Gwacheon Contemporary Art Museum)

1994 "More Reality, More Beauty Exhibition" (Kumho Art Gallery)

1994 "Young Artists, Their Reality and Prospects Exhibition" (21C Gallery)

1993 Sung Byeong-hee and Choi Ae-kyung 2-person Exhibition "People Around Us" (Nahwa Gallery)

1993 Namu Academy Exhibition (Namu Gallery)

판데믹 2(Pandemic 2) 130x162cm acrylic on canvas 2021.png
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