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08AM (South Korea)

08AM(b. 1985) expresses their influence from popular culture through a constructed artistic world. The artist translates the influence received from popular culture into a three-dimensional form, visualizing the discovered "ether" during the process of overcoming paranoia inclinations, and composes a plane into a three-dimensional form. Through their artwork, they confirm their own reason for existence and convey a message about the era and society as seen through the artist's eyes.

Requesting 08AM's Artwork List

Solo Exhibition

2022.07. "Are you crazy HUMAN?" Solo show  [Chung M, KR]

2020.09. "PARAKID RISE". [Theo Art, KR]


2015.10.  "monthly project Yoonjongshin". [LOB, KR]

2013.07.  “Indie+Visual” [the Page, KR]

Group Exhibition

2023.10. “The Oulim in London” [SAATCHI gallery, UK]

2023.09. “BRIGHTSIDE”  [Sun city gallery, AUS]

2023.02. “The great together”  [Streams gallery, CH]


2022.08. “DINNER"   [Trendy Art gallery, THI]

2022.05. “Art Basel Hong Kong"   [ TEZOS, HK]

2022.03. "Small"   [Suncity gallery, AUS]

2022.01. "KOREAN GROUP SHOW"  [gallery Joyana, FR]

2021.12. "Meaison de Noel"  [IHAM gallery, FR]

2020.07. "HOMMAGE" [L gallery, KR]

2019.12. "LoL Invade Art" League of Legends 10th [LoL park, KR]

2018.09. "My own hero" [FIFTY FIFTY, KR]

2017.11. "COSMIC"  [MODIUM, KR]

2015.12. "Once Our Land"  [Untitled gallery, CAN]


2013.10.  “ICHABOD” [the DAVID Creative. USA]

2012.12. "According to Them" [SPACES gallery, USA]


Special Note

2016 Catholic University, Media Content Design Lecture

2015 Art center Nabi creative talent

2013-14 Samsung Electronics [creative, artist work]

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